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We work hard to be the best at what we do. Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to tell us how we did. 

We appreciate you!

So many unique and creative setups! My kids absolutely love waking up and seeing what their elf has been up to. Thank you for making the holiday season a little less stressful!

Looking forward to this years elf kit. The kit is well organized and each night is easy to set up. The setups are way more creative then I would ever be. Thank you! 

Cary Dirk

Jami Denton

Such a HUGE timesaver! The cutest ideas, and I am thrilled to not have to come up with new ideas for our elf each night! Thank you!

Alyssa Dunn

This was the best kit ever!! It came with everything that you would need. It put the fun back into having our elf.

No more stressing at night figuring out what to do. Worth the money!! We love it! Can’t wait for this year! Thank you

They came up with the best ideas! So fun for all of us to see what the elf would be up to next! Thank you!!

Kristin Gottas

Kim Wegener


These two ladies know exactly how to make this Mama a little less stressed during the busy holiday season! The attention to detail in each night’s packaging is one-of-kind and makes each morning magical and fun for our kiddo!

If you’re like me and want to have fun themes and activities for your elf leading up to Christmas but don’t have the time, energy or just don’t want to take the time to be this creative, then this kit is YOUR Christmas gift to yourself!

You won’t be disappointed!

This was the BEST!! It saved us so much time last Christmas season. We were only blessed with one child so we are holding on to the magic of Christmas as long as possible. This kit makes it so much easier. Our daughter is 8 so we don’t have a lot of years left but this kit sure brought the believing to a whole new level. I highly recommend.

Becki Ryan

The Elf Christmas kit was a lifesaver last year. No more panicked waking up at 6am, realizing I’d forgotten about the elf again and trying to remember what she’d already done/already been. The kids were so excited by all the fun creative things that she came up with. I can’t wait to see all the fun things planned for this year!

Heather Kurata

The holidays are awesome, but completely crazy! As a mom of 3 littles, who lacks in the creativity department, this kit is an absolute lifesaver. I used to dread elf on the shelf, now I wake up each December morning excited to witness the magic with my kids! I highly recommend you get yourself a kit ASAP!

Courtney Norman

Sarah Schendel

This kit is a must have item for our family! Even though I have older children, they all still enjoy waking up in the morning to see what our elf is up to. I’d have given up on this beloved tradition by now if it weren’t for the Elf Christmas Kit. It makes my life easier and the different ideas that they have come up with are very original and creative. Much better than any ideas Pinterest has to offer and all the necessary supplies are included! Make your Christmas season more fun for you and your family and put this on your must-have list every year!

Marci Bamford

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